A theory of transformation.

It is time for social impact organizations to become uncomfortable with incremental progress. Time to abandon the paradigm of “fixing” tactical pain points in one “department”—with remedies that can unwittingly create problems in others. It is time to quit defining progress as a zero-sum game, in which ratios of program vs overhead expenditures are the only way to measure success.

We have entered an era in which 10X thinking is not only possible, it is essential. A time when social impact organizations can make and measure progress in orders of magnitude—rather than fractions of each dollar “wasted.”

Transforming our organizations does not just mean taking advantage of the many opportunities to do new things. It requires living up to the obligation to think in new ways. To see our work—and the challenges we face—in a different light.

Reinvention means reinvestment.

Success will not come through “random acts of disruption.” It will come through reigniting the heart and soul of our organizations. Empowering our people to ask the right questions—and giving them the freedom to find the right answers wherever they can be found. To do whatever must be done.

This is not a time to toss out our beliefs, and reinvent our missions. It is a time to reinvest in them. To admit that the constant pressures of fundraising and public opinion and business-like behavior have subtly, but surely, taken us off our path. This is a time—this is the time—to see our mission as both a goal, and a tool to drive every element of our organizations. So everyone and everything is oriented toward the only thing that matters.

Our team of teams.

The Matale Line was created to provide new thinking for a new era. Our small cadre of strategists works around the world to provide an unprecedented level of engagement to a small group of client partners, so they can create new pathways to success. Our “team of teams” works side-by-side with client leaders to develop comprehensive, integrated strategies for progress, then brings together the right team of specialists—looking first within our clients’ own organizations—that are tailored to deliver on that strategy.

We do not seek a codependent relationship—our goal is to help our client partners develop a new vision and strategy for achieving greater effectiveness and self-sufficiency.

Because our collective future depends on it.