To feel loved, valued, and at peace.

America’s largest nonprofit provider of senior service delivers exceptional value, by staying true to deep seated values about what is most important to people as they age. Today, The Good Samaritan Society has a profound opportunity to help redefine the entire foundation of America’s system of care, but it will require “herding” a powerful collection of political, financial, and private-sector “cats.”

The Matale Line created a Strategic Blueprint that ensures The Society’s mission drives every action they take, decision they make, and word they speak—for all of the 23,000 Samaritans working in 26 states.

Our work integrated brand, strategy, and communications to drive decision making at the highest levels, to present a unified story across varied products and services, and ensure that every Samaritan knows how their work serves the mission—offering the kind of “cat food” that influencers around the country are drawn to emulate.