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Strategy, storytelling and cultural change
to help social impact organizations reach
their fullest potential.

The people we serve know this is a unique moment in history.

There has never been greater possibility for a more just, equitable and sustainable future for all of us. Nor greater risk that humankind will slide backwards for generations.


This is a time for social impact organizations to provide exceptional leadership — to ensure history turns in the right direction. But reaching our highest aspirations requires more than taking advantage of new tools and tactics. We must embrace entirely new ways of thinking. We must ask harder questions of ourselves and demand better answers. We must find a way to help people rise above their base impulses and act from their deepest, most hopeful instincts.



We help them act with irrepressible ambition.

People's lives, well-being, and humankind's collective future hang in the balance of our success. 


We must not be lulled into a sense of satisfaction with a "professionally practical" approach to progress. The cause around which each of our organizations were founded — and the missions to which we have committed our lives — obligate us to  make the impossible possible. 


We must see each of our goals as moral imperatives. We must become known for the audaciousness of our intent and the relentless intensity with which we try, fail, dust off and try again.



We help them speak with 
unwavering conviction.

Success will not come from adapting our message to the latest public opinion poll. It requires creating the kind of public will that can drive change — and ensure we have all the resources we need to bring that change to life.


Our job is not just to persuade people to give, it is to empower them rise to the occasion this moment in history represents. To convince them to commit their most important "assets" — their heart, mind, time and financial resources — because they share an abiding commitment to the cause.  

Anything less relegates us to the role of sales reps and leaves the world's most powerful and abundant resource — human potential — on the sidelines.



We help them mobilize people to expect more —
of themselves and each other. 

We have access to knowledge that could fill thousands of Great Libraries of Alexandria in the palm of our hands. Digital community building tools that would have rendered Gandhi and Mandela speechless.


Yet we are living through a period of unprecedented  misinformation and polarization.

We must harness the potential of the Information Age to help people rise above their darkest impulses and inspire them to act — together — from their deepest, most hopeful instincts. We must turn fear into courage. We must turn a desire for the "familiar" into a hunger for exploration. We must help people see that anything is possible if we come together. 



We honor the dignity and agency of the people they serve.

We must abandon our unwitting participation in a power-system that showers praise on donors at the expense of the dignity of those we’ve labeled as beneficiaries. We cannot "borrow" the agency of the very people we are committed to serve then use it to make compromises on their behalf.


We have the opportunity and obligation to see our work through the lens of an ecosystem in which everyone has a role to play. It is time to center our solutions and our stories around the wisdom, talent, work ethic and resources of the people we are obliged to serve — (re)building a world that is of, by and for the people.



We help them measure 
what matters most.

It is time to admit that — though constant innovation is central to our mission — ratios of program vs overhead expenditures unwittingly force us into the role of "stewards" of people's money rather than agents of progress.


It is time to accept that macro-level measures, such as "number of lives touched," while easy to count, do not offer the kind of critical insight required to understand whether our solutions are having a lasting impact where it matters most. It is time to describe and measure impact the way real people do in their own lives.




Brand Strategy  

rooted in timeless truths that will guide everything you do.


creating a sense of deep belonging and active participation.

Cultural Transformation 

to help everyone in your organization embrace the possible.

Leadership Development 

to ensure your people are always striving for a better way

Social Movement Building

a committed community prepared to do whatever it takes.

Resource Mobilization 

the support you require to fuel every imperative or program.

Meaningful Impact Measurement 

data and insight that define real progress in human terms. 

Training & Retreats

breakthroughs around seemingly intractable challenges.


While they vary in size, mission, and where they serve, all our clients have one thing in common: they are restless and dissatisfied. They seek breakthrough strategies and innovative, creative solutions that help them reach their highest potential—because they see success as a moral obligation. 

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What can we achieve together?

"Working with The Matale Line was truly transformational for us."

— Jill Ryan Davis | Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

"The Matale Line's 'Believe in Zero' Campaign revolutionized UNICEF's approach to advocacy and fundraising—not just in the U.S., but around the world."

— Jay Aldous | US Fund for UNICEF

"Working with Matale Line gives one hope that there has never been a better time to build social movements."

— Denis Hayes| Founder, Earth Day

Hopeful conversations

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