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Globally recognized talent — hand-picked to meet the unique challenges you face.

Uncommon experience

The Matale Line is a global team of strategists and award-winning creatives, program managers and research fellows, academics and content experts who share a deep commitment to transformative social impact.


We have driven unprecedented breakthroughs and learned from surprising failures across every operating and fundraising model that exists — bringing hard-earned wisdom to every client we serve. 


Our clients range from large INGOs to small community-based service providers. Our work has covered every category of nonprofit, and spans all of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.



Solutions designed
around your needs.

We designed our organization to address the unique operating, communications and financial challenges faced by nonprofit and social impact organizations. We deploy a highly efficient team-of-teams model that ensures you have access to the very best talent to address every challenge you face.

No matter where our clients are based, what they do, or where they may happen to serve, we offer bespoke solutions defined by exceptional  personal engagement and collaboration.

“Before working with The Matale Line, we struggled to communicate with a consistent brand, messaging and common community language.  Bill and his team helped find the heart of our organization, our collective voice and meaningful call to action.  Truly, they were valued partners in making our organization what it is today.”
— Kari Luther Rosbeck | President and CEO, Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance



Bill Toliver  

Bill has helped some of the world’s most important nonprofits, foundations, and social enterprise organizations reframe their approach to strategic decision-making, resource development, and advocacy communications. He is privileged to have worked with organizations across the spectrum of social issues and is a widely sought-after speaker in the social impact community. He’s served on boards of both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and currently serves as chair of The Resource Alliance—a global nonprofit committed to transformational change in the social impact sector. Bill grew up in the developing world and his work is deeply informed by his childhood experiences.

"The nonprofit sector recognizes that Bill’s insights are revolutionary. After working with him you are emotionally and strategically a different person, a different organization. He is a lone voice. Very important to those who believe the future of fundraising requires a new way of thinking."

- Valerio Melandri,

Director Master in Fundraising, University of Bologna



Alan Compton

After more than a decade working in commercial TV and film in Canada, Al decided to devote his work exclusively to nonprofits and social impact initiatives around the world. His award-winning film, photography and creative direction cover a diverse range of social and environmental issues including healthcare initiatives in Indonesia, Ghana, USA & Ireland; social movements and education in India; conservation in Iceland and Thailand; child slavery and exploitation in Vietnam; disability, AIDS and albinism in Uganda; philanthropy in Brazil; mental health & refugee action in the UK and Europe.

"I have never worked with anyone quite like Al Compton. He is a world-class talent. More importantly, he is one of the most genuine human beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I am not sure anyone could have gotten the kind of material he did — from people who were dealing with the most difficult struggle of their entire lives."

- Holly Rosenfeld,

Head of Marketing, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

"Sometimes it’s not the answers that are most important. It’s asking the right questions that helps you find your True North. The Matale Line guided a fast-growing, rapidly changing organization to focus on the critical questions, and discover its own path forward. I couldn’t be more pleased."

-  Leonard Garfield | Executive Director, Museum of History & Industry

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