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Turning a time of uncertainty into an opportunity for progress and hope.

The issue of our time:

We cannot "manage" our way through a metamorphosis.

We are living through a time of unprecedented change and risk. Today, our "organizational organisms" are undergoing a kind of chrysalis process.  We have all accepted the fact that we can no longer be what we once were — but are still deeply unsure of how to become what we must.

The Matale Line exist to help leaders develop the strategies and stories that ensure the entire organization will emerge from this chrysalis process healthier, happier and more capable of accomplishing what their missions demand.



Branding a belief system.

Turning a transition into a true transformation does not require radical disruption, it requires radical commitment. A reinvestment in the sacred principles and beliefs that created your organization — a reassessment of “habits” that have become so entrenched that they have begun to feel sacred. Our approach ensures that a brand is not just a "thing to say" it defines a way to be.

Agile strategy.


Our clients are agents, rather than victims, of change. They do not put faith in predictions about the future, or pre-packaged formulas for success. They want a dynamic plan of attack, and mission-driven guidelines to make solid leadership decisions as circumstances unfold in real time. Our approach ensures current reality never restrains your vision, nor that the vision becomes hopelessly disconnected from current reality.



Soulful storytelling.

The transactional mindset behind most campaigns are antithetical to building meaningful, resilient relationships. Social impact organization have become too skilled at adapting their message to fit public opinion, rather than speaking to the transcendent truths that can shape public will. Our communications campaigns feature award winning photography and filmmaking that celebrates our common humanity and ignites a sense of shared purpose.

Enlightened leadership.


Managers who seek comfort in roadmaps will find ever-more dead ends. Leaders must be able to confidently venture into the unknown. Learning to have faith in the “compass” born from their beliefs and values. Navigating with confidence born from the courage of their convictions. We work with leadership teams to ensure they are asking the right questions and building teams that will relentlessly strive to find a better way.


Building cultures of "can."

Your mission is entirely dependent on unleashing the creativity and potential of your people. Helping them see past obstacles. To hold a tension between your current reality and your highest aspirations. And, most importantly, to believe that ambition and achievements are not only possible, but a moral obligation. We help rekindle passions, and channel everyone’s talents toward having the greatest possible impact.

Resourcing a social movement.


Creating a critical mass of support for your cause requires building communities of shared values, rather than frantically selling the value of a social impact “product.” We help our clients build a portfolio of funding sources from an entirely new ecosystem of supply and demand — from social enterprise to crowdsourcing, from venture-style investments to new ways to do traditional fundraising. 



Vigorous operations.

Though we live in an era in which there has never been more opportunity for breakthrough program innovation, the pressure to be cautious stewards of other peoples’ money is greater than ever. We work with clients to design new initiatives and operating models — where success can be measured by how much an investment can be multiplied rather than how much money is “wasted” through overhead.

Measurement that matters.

It has become a generally accepted fact — and often used excuse — that "...not everything that matters can be measured." It has also become all too easy to ignore another generally accepted fact that "...not everything that can be measured matters."  There has never been more opportunity to measure human progress in tangible  human terms and to make impact assessment an ethos of the entire organization. 

Breakthrough retreats & training.

There are precious few opportunities to step out of the day-to-day work. A chance to learn anything must be approached as an opportunity to reaffirm everything. Whether a weekend board retreat, or a global training program, The Matale Line is expert in striking the balance between information, inspiration, and interaction to ensure people stay engaged long after a gathering ends.

Inspired keynotes.

Our executive director, Bill Toliver, is a widely sought after speaker on social impact, and transformational change. His unique worldview is rooted in a childhood spent in the developing world, a degree in systems engineering, and a 30-year track record breaking down organizational and cultural barriers to progress. His keynotes are inspirational, provocative and sure to stimulate conversation and debate.

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